Achieving The Hippie Look – A Small Guide



The Hippie culture originated in the United States of America, during the mid-1960’s. Which was a turbulent era, marked both by wars and by a line of thought that supported free love and a sexual revolution? Although this culture was extremely popular during the 60’s and the 70’s, it had remained under the radar during the 80’s and the 90’s. However, with the arrival of the new millennium, and especially during this decade, we have seen a complete resurgence of this culture.

The Hippie style

22ldjldjlAside from the resurgence of hippie thoughts and beliefs, we are also seeing a comeback of the hippie look as well. These days, many women and men, young or old, want to recapture the spirit of the glory days of the hippie movement, by styling their physical look the same way original hippies did. If you want to become a part of this increasingly popular trend, stay with us, as we will show you how to achieve that authentic hippie look.

For Men

First and foremost, hippie men are distinguished by their thick, long beards. Male hippies almost never cut their hair. They mostly sported straight hair that fell well below their shoulders. If you want to achieve this look but cannot wait for months for your hair to grow, you should consider purchasing a wig or a simple glue-on beard. This mix will instantly turn you into a fashionable-looking hippie.

Since hair is of the utmost importance for any hippie male, it is not surprising that they typically prefer exposing their chest hair. Therefore, if you want to look like an authentic hippie, make sure to stay away from your razor.

Male clothing

As far as the clothes are concerned, male hippies were known to wear bell bottom pants. So, make sure to look for the jeans that are skinny in the thighs, but feature large bell bottoms. Also, keep in mind that your pants should not look like they are in perfect condition. Instead, they should have lots of holes and appear pretty worn out. To emphasize the look even further, you should consider ironing on various patches onto your pants and vest as well. These patches mostly feature butterflies, flowers, or peace signs, and they can be bought at almost any local fabric store.

For women

33fnjfljHippie females were also known to wear bell- bottom jeans, as well as wide, baggy pants, known as Harem pants. While these pants were made for men too, Harem Pants for Women were considered unique and more specific to the hippie movement. Therefore, if you want to look hip and feminine, you should look for different types of Harem pants or peasant skirts. You should also check out peasant shirts and other bohemian pieces of clothing, which feature all kinds of printed designs.


When it comes to your footwear, you should look for the appropriate flip-flops or sandals. Even though some hippies preferred to walk barefoot, most of them wore flat sandals. To achieve the right look, you should opt for the models that feature upper leather material, as well as cork bottom. Also, you could also try out leather flip-flops, which are a perfect match for skirts and dresses and which are extremely easy to put on and take off.…