How to become a successful fashion designer


If you breathe and live fashion, then you are inspired with some new designs that are racing through your mind. Therefore, the fashion designer is a tough choice. You need to make sure that you know the primary factors you are required to consider when you want to become a fashion designer. Even though fashion designers are too busy to share some of the fashion designing tips, it is essential to research and at least know some of the crucial information concerning fashion designing.

It is essential to note that no rewarding career in life is ever made to be cheap or simple. Therefore, fashion design is no exception. That is why it is essential to make sure that you take most of your time in researching and plan from the start to dedicate yourself. There are some of the fashion agencies that have their sites where you can find relevant information concerning fashion designing. Click on to learn more concerning fashion designing. The following are some of the tips that will guide you on how to become a fashion designer.

Find a good fashion school.

pojhlgkgfsdaThis is one of the significant steps you should consider when you want to become a fashion designer. You should research and ensure that you choose the best fashion school. This is because good fashion schools have the right facilities you are supposed to have. Also, they hire experienced lecturers who are well connected within the industry. Therefore, while you are in school, you are likely to work assignments that will build the best portfolio. This, therefore, will enable you to make your best fashion designs and also your fashion collections.

Set your goals

It is essential to make sure that you consider this aspect more especially when you want to become a successful fashion designer. After you have attended a fashion school, you are likely to learn some of the important ideas you should have. This, therefore, will help you in setting your own fashion goals. Make sure that you achieve your goals by doing the right thing at the right time.

Your portfolio is your design identity.ghlfdkjgsba\xcZ

Just as you value your likes and work tirelessly on maintaining their charm, make sure that you do the same to your portfolio. This is because most of the people will judge you based on your skills to design. Therefore, you should make sure that you enroll in a fashion course so that you get the most versatile fashion design portfolio.…

Fashion color trends spring summer 2016

For Spring/Summer 2016 designers were influenced to create a palette which is very calming.


They were influenced by art from different parts of the world, opening of new global opportunities, and the eagerness to disconnect from the fast paced technology.

They wanted to focus on a theme which incorporates being able to unwinding, relaxation and tranquility. The palette gives emphasis on the beautiful natural resources which are both vibrant and exhilarating.

It is focused on the balance between feeling peaceful but at the same time being able to explore and wander. Designers were also much influenced by the variation of lush vegetation and urban design.

It resulted in captivating color collections and schemes which encompasses the beauty of architecture, nostalgia, and traveling. They wanted to represent how wonderful the world is and they seek to awaken our senses.

Many artists including Esther Stewart, Matisse, Frank Stella, Sam Falls and Picasso have incorporated their bold colors and strong lines and shapes for this season.

It’s amazing how they were able to veer away from the usual and be able to surpass gender norms and cultural differences. Let’s take a look at the season’s Fashion Color Trends Spring Summer 2016.


rose-quartz-1140859_640The Spring/Summer collection is beaming with its soothing and calming nature. There’s no better way to represent this than by using the gentle tone of the Rose Quartz.

This color is filled with a sense of composure and conveys compassion. It’s a very subtle but persuasive tone. It’s very lighthearted and allows us to reflect on our lives amidst our fast paced technologically advanced world.


Orange has been a stunning trademark color which is loved by many designers and the entire fashion industry.

Peach Echo resonates the beautiful orange but in a more subdued manner.

It has a friendly nature which evokes warmth and accessibility.

It’s a beautiful representation of a subtle orange which is perfect for Spring/Summer 2016.


Just like the blue sky, the tone of Serenity is weightless and airy.

It’s an effortlessly calming color which offers a feeling of comfort.

It also depicts a sense of hope especially during difficult times.

It’s a wonderful tone which reminds us about the importance of having peace within ourselves before we can share it with others.


This extravagant color is part of the navy blue family. It’s a beautiful maritime inspired tone but with a lot more excitement and energy.

The name itself inspires us to explore and take time to escape from life’s grueling challenges by going on vacation.

It’s a very encouraging tone which portrays the beauty of nature and how relaxation can benefit our bodies and minds.


This is a must have transitional color which can take you from season to season.neckties-210347_640

Its versatility comes from being a strong neutral color. It has very evident earth tone shades running through it which let’s us be intertwined with nature.

It’s a soft and subtle shade of brown and creates a stable foundation when mixed with the season’s other palettes.

Fashion Color Trends Spring Summer 2016 is a beautiful combination of relaxing, calming, and serene colors which perfectly complements the sunny days ahead.

It’s going to be a smooth, tranquil, and laid back season with these peaceful palettes.