Choosing the best hairbrush for your hairstyle


Brushing your hair several times before going to bed is not practiced anymore today. For most women, however, it is important that their hair feels and looks great. To achieve this, it is essential to use the right products for your hair, but the type of brush you use is also necessary to have soft, healthy and shiny hair. Knowing the best brush for your hairstyle can give you an insight and a crowning glory that will boost your self-esteem. Women usually go to hairstylists expecting to look great, and the hairstylists use the correct equipment especially good brushes to produce the best results. Here are some of the favorite professional hairbrushes.

Round hairbrushes

These hairbrushes are versatile are useful for giving curl as well as definition to the hairstyle. They can also straighten your hair. For shorter hair, you can use smaller round brushes to curl some parts of the hair, and for longer hair, a larger round brush can be used for straightening of cur the ends of your hair.round brush

Paddle hairbrush

This brush is flat and wide and great for smoothening your hair as it lengthens and straightening medium to long hair. This style of brush is usually not recommended for hair types that are too much layered since it is used to make the hair to lie flat.

The Mason Pearson brush

The most popular brush used for hairstylists is the mason pearson brush. It has a combination of synthetic and boar bristles. This allows it to brush your hair gently and allow for faster drying time. It is the best quality hairbrush for use in salons today.

Vent hairbrush

This type of brush has a hole in the center which allows air to pass through it and reduce the drying time. Besides boosting the volume of your hair, it also helps to detangle your hair.

Half-round brush

This one usually comes with quills and is excellent for use on dry or wet hair. It is perfect to carry around for quick touch-ups in the day.

Cushion hairbrush

This hairbrush is used to achieve similar results to half-round brush. It is made for use on medium to long hair and can be used daily. It also gives you a great massage when brushing your hair.

Sculpting brushes

scultpingThese types of brushes are good for backcombing of short hair to give it volume. If you have a hair that is short and textured, then this brush can improve the movement of your hair. Sculpting brushes are best for short hair, textured outlines, and round layers.

Having a range of hairbrushes allows you to achieve any hairstyle that you are looking for. You are also able to style the hair according to your mood, occasion or experiment different styles. Ensure however that you have the best brush and buy quality brushes that last long.…

Choosing The Ideal Hair Brush


Choosing the right hair brush is something that every girl will struggle with in their lifetime, and the fact that they are so many hair brushes to choose from this does not make things easy. So people are lucky, and they get the best hair brush to use on the hair. There are hair brushes out there that are made of different material, design, and the style and it can get so confusing. That’s why this article has detailed out some tips that will help you out when you are choosing the ideal brush for your hair. The mason pearson hair brushes are no doubt the best in the market. When choosing the ideal hair brush then you have to consider the tips below.

Best tips

Hair type

gfgfgfgfvvbccxzWhen you are choosing the ideal hair brush, then the first thing that you will have to consider is your hair type. You don’t want to choose a hairbrush that is maybe too harsh on your hair. If your hair in curly then some of the hair brushes will not work well with the curly hair. If you have no idea how to go about this then talk to your hair stylist, he/she will be able to advise you on the way to go about this.

The brush size

You don’t want to choose a brush that you will struggle when you are brushing your hair, the size of the brush will depend on the size of your hand. The hair brushes come in four sizes, and there is something for everyone even for the children they can get something that will be suitable for them. In general, you will have to consider the texture and the length of the hair because for some hair if you don’t use a bigger brush the hair will not be brushed neatly. Also, you can use the two if you can’t handle the large brush then the smaller one can be used together with the large one.

The color

ghghghghghghEven though the color is not that important you will need to understand that the color should be something that does not change. If you are using a blow-dry, then you need a hair brush that has the color that does not come off because of the heat. Then if you are suing the blow dry, then you will need a hair brush that has a wooden handle because it will not burn you when you are using it. There are a variety of colors to choose from you just need to select something that suits you.…