Make lip gloss

How to make lip gloss with baby lips

Do you struggle to find a lip-gloss that’s perfect for you?


With this simple guide you can make your own, just as you like it.

Follow these steps to see how you can make your own lip-gloss with baby lips.

  • Step one

You only need two ingredients to make your lip-gloss. First thing you need is some petroleum jelly, followed by a Baby Lips’ lip balm of your choice.

Any flavor is fine, but make sure it’s a colored one.

Baby Lips’ is quite strong, which is why this method is such a good idea, as it reduces the strength of the flavor, so if you don’t like Baby Lips’ on it’s own, this way of making lip-gloss is perfect for you.

  • Step two

lipstick-295405_640You’ll need a small zip-lock bag and a plastic knife to make the lip-gloss.

Make sure your hands are washed before you start.

Open up the zip-lock bag and use the knife to transfer some petroleum jelly from its container into the bag.

You don’t need much; just dip the knife in as if you were about to spread butter on toast.

Get the jelly to the bottom of the bag, scraping it off the knife with your hands on the outside of the bag, but be careful about scratching any nails over the bag in case you make any holes.

  • Step three

Now you want to use the knife again to cut off a piece of the Baby Lips’.

You only about the length of an average fingernail, so just screw the bottom so that it lifts the lip balm up a little, and gently slice the knife across.

Again, scrape the lip balm into the same zip-lock bag with your fingers on the outside.

Using your finger, scrape both the jelly and the lip balm into one corner of the bag.

Use your thumbs to knead the two ingredients together, again being careful with your nails on the plastic.

Once it’s mixed you can choose to add more jelly or more lip balm, depending on whether you want the color to be stronger or weaker.

  • Conclusion

Once the jelly and lip balm are properly mixed together and you’re happy with the strength of the color, you’re ready to put it in a clear container for use.ball-1049658_640

You can use any container you like. Push your lip-gloss slightly away from the corner of the bag and cut a hole in the corner.

This way, you can squeeze your lip balm into your container in the same way you would use a piping bag on a cake, and it saves you from losing any of the product.

And that’s how you make lip-gloss with Baby Lips.

Feel free to try different variations with different amounts of jelly and lip balm so you can make a range of colors for your collection!