Choosing the best hairbrush for your hairstyle


Brushing your hair several times before going to bed is not practiced anymore today. For most women, however, it is important that their hair feels and looks great. To achieve this, it is essential to use the right products for your hair, but the type of brush you use is also necessary to have soft, healthy and shiny hair. Knowing the best brush for your hairstyle can give you an insight and a crowning glory that will boost your self-esteem. Women usually go to hairstylists expecting to look great, and the hairstylists use the correct equipment especially good brushes to produce the best results. Here are some of the favorite professional hairbrushes.

Round hairbrushes

These hairbrushes are versatile are useful for giving curl as well as definition to the hairstyle. They can also straighten your hair. For shorter hair, you can use smaller round brushes to curl some parts of the hair, and for longer hair, a larger round brush can be used for straightening of cur the ends of your hair.round brush

Paddle hairbrush

This brush is flat and wide and great for smoothening your hair as it lengthens and straightening medium to long hair. This style of brush is usually not recommended for hair types that are too much layered since it is used to make the hair to lie flat.

The Mason Pearson brush

The most popular brush used for hairstylists is the mason pearson brush. It has a combination of synthetic and boar bristles. This allows it to brush your hair gently and allow for faster drying time. It is the best quality hairbrush for use in salons today.

Vent hairbrush

This type of brush has a hole in the center which allows air to pass through it and reduce the drying time. Besides boosting the volume of your hair, it also helps to detangle your hair.

Half-round brush

This one usually comes with quills and is excellent for use on dry or wet hair. It is perfect to carry around for quick touch-ups in the day.

Cushion hairbrush

This hairbrush is used to achieve similar results to half-round brush. It is made for use on medium to long hair and can be used daily. It also gives you a great massage when brushing your hair.

Sculpting brushes

scultpingThese types of brushes are good for backcombing of short hair to give it volume. If you have a hair that is short and textured, then this brush can improve the movement of your hair. Sculpting brushes are best for short hair, textured outlines, and round layers.

Having a range of hairbrushes allows you to achieve any hairstyle that you are looking for. You are also able to style the hair according to your mood, occasion or experiment different styles. Ensure however that you have the best brush and buy quality brushes that last long.…

Permanent Hair Removal Benefits


For as long as you have the money to spend and of course time, permanent hair removal is the best and easiest way of removing the unwanted hair. In the world today, men and women are trying hard to become and remain beautiful. They have been struggling to remove hair all along using the temporal methods.

But since methods of permanent hair removal such as laserontharing are available, the process of removing hair becomes less painful. The advantages of the permanent hair removal are very much overwhelming in that people would sacrifice on their savings for the method.

Hair removal benefits

Let us have a look at these benefits or importance of the hair removal methods that will make you more clean and beautiful.

It gets rid of the hair problems completely

With the use otg23edf6cyu2ed7u282i92f thermolysis, electrolysis and the blend method, the hair that you do not want in your body tend to get destroyed permanently. You need to look beautiful and presentable to your workmates or friends. One of the areas to work upon is getting away the unwanted hair from your face or hands for good. This is one of the most important reasons. With this method, you get rid of the unwanted hair forever.

Time-saving method

The time that is spent on shaving hair and also applying the hair removal creams every day can be used to do something else that would be of much benefit to yourself. Permanent hair removal, therefore, saves time for other activities of the day. Can you imagine getting late for an appointment or missing to meet an important client just because you were shaving unwanted hair that morning?

Helps in saving the energy

The effort that is used to pluck the unwanted hair every day can be reduced if you decide to remove the unwanted hair permanently. Plucking the hair one by one is very stressful, it requires a lot of energy and also it is time-consuming. Shaving the unwanted hair every day is also a task that requires you to use your energy. Therefore, permanent hair removal will save you the energy to do other tasks which are more valuable.

Irritation avoidance

When you stg23er6fy37eu2i22have your hair, some irritations are experienced by you as a person. But permanent hair removal does not bring any irritations because it is done by a professional. If you involve a profession to do hair removal for you, those ugly marks that usually develop on people’s faces while shaving will never be seen on your face.

They are pain-free

When you remove your unwanted hair completely by involving an expert, you will never experience any pain all throughout the treatment. Unlike shaving and plucking that are painful to do, permanent hair removal treatment is pain-free. This is why most people have recommended it. Therefore, this is the most safer way of getting rid of the unwanted hair in your body completely.…

Five Tips for Trimming Beards


Beard grooming looks easy but could get complicated, if you’re equipped with little knowledge and poor tools. Look at Best Beard Trimmer to help you maintain your beard. And with facial hair growing in popularity in the last few years, with events such as No-Shave November getting widespread attention, it’s important to be on top of the essentials and tricks.

Beard trimming tips

Be Patient; Take Time

Before considering trimming, let the hair grow for at least a month. This should let the hjhdjhgjfgfhgjgairs grow evenly (some strands may grow faster than other hairs), and allow you to choose a style suiting your thickness and length.

Beard trimming/shaving is a process most men don’t assign quality time to. For some mysterious reasons, they are always in a hurry and, as a result, end up getting nicks or a not-so-happy outcome. Remember; beard trimming is an art that needs proper focus and care. So, set aside quality time whenever it’s time for trimming.

Perimeter Outlining

Unless you’re aiming for a bohemian look, having set beard boundaries on the neck and cheeks is imperative right at the onset. Too tight lines would give you a gang member or tight-wad appearance, and letting the beard grow too long would place you in the Haight-Ashbury zone. An inch is recommended below the jaw line, for the neck portion.

Knowing the boundaries of the beard is only an aspect of the process. From there, you must effectively carve the elements out. Ensure you have targeted facial scissors or a detailing razor to make beard trimming and maintenance easy.

Refrain from Wet Trimming

Besides the issues your trimmer may face when encountering wet hair, the wet appearance makes the mane look longer. There’s also heft added to the mix. Once the drying sets in, the beard hair would curl up and start shrinking a bit. It’s therefore not rare to see men trimming their beard wet, only to realize how far they went with the pruning. Obviously, it becomes too late by then.

Before trimming, ensure you have a dried towel or the beard’s blow-dried to get rid of as much water or moisture possible.

Opposite Direction Combing

Coming in the opposite direction or upwards helps expose and fluff up the beard’s uneven areas. When trimming these portions, begin small. Once you’re satisfied with the shape and length, start combing the beard to its regular position. This helps get rid of stray hairs that usually go unnoticed when the hair’s combed naturally.


nbvncbnvbnvMaintaining the beard is crucial if you don’t want the hard work to dissipate. If you can constantly monitor the strays that often spoil your beard shape, your beard trimming efforts would seemingly enjoy better longevity.

Beard trimming tips won’t make you a professional overnight, but would certainly set you on the right path. Therefore, keep practicing until you perfect the art.…

How To Balayage Hair At Home

Essential Requirements And Step By Step Guide for How To Balayage Hair At Home

Balayage has gained fame due to its ability to give your hair a graduated and a natural looking appearance.


It is a technique that entails highlighting or color sweeping or painting your hair strands by the hand so as to create a realistic and a natural hair which appear sun-kissed .

The highlighting offers control over the hair and makes them flexible.

The Balayage highlighting has been considered to be a great way to finely update your hair color without requiring you to make many changes or engaging in a complicated procedure.

hair-flying-142210_640The technique has been proven to be an easier way to change your looks and appear beautiful.

The procedure has also been proven to boost the gradual growth of your scalp hence it will be easy to maintain and can take a longer time before requiring a retouch which always takes more than eight weeks or more. The highlighting is favorable to anybody whether they have red hair, dark hair, light tresses and those who need caramel highlights, strawberry blondes and other exotic shades.

When one uses high and low lights, they are capable of adding a multidimensional effect that suits every color.
Balayage can be done easily at home. Here are some of the requirements you must have to do balayage at home.

  • Buy quality products

You should consider purchasing quality products that you require for the balayage.

You should be careful not to buy bleaches from savers that will have negative effects on your hair.

  • Conduct a research about the type of your hair

You should research on the type of your particular hair and color so that you can know the type of products and volume of the bleach you need for your hair.

  • Check your hair history

You should ensure that your hair is strong enough to withstand the bleaching effects.

You should avoid balayage if you are suffering from the copious amount of breakages until the condition becomes better or else your hair may fall out in the process.

Here is a step by step guide for how to balayage hair at home

1. Use the hot cross bun technique to section your hair whereby you divide your hair into four sections using a comb as you run the center of your head and then across your ears.

This makes it easier to work with a section at a time.

2. You then apply a barrier cream usually Vaseline to the hair line to reduce cases of staining.

You then apply a colorant to your hair lengths and the areas that you want to lighten and improve their color as you take care not to expose the roots.

You will then achieve balayage effect.

3. Secure your hair using hair grips as you continue working on the

You should take care not to rub into your scalp or roots.

It is prudent to apply the colors using your fingers so that the hair may achieve a natural effect as you blend the color through them using the downward strokes.

4. Concentrate on working through your hair strand in the sections to ensure that there is full saturation.

You should wipe any color that gets on your skin immediately using a damp towel.

Finally, you should pour any unused color mixture away because it will lose its effectiveness after an hour.

The technique on how to balayage hair at home may take up to an hour to give the desired results because sectioning your hair takes long.
It is also advisable to do a strand test so that it can help in determining the exact time you are expected to leave the color on your hair so as to get the desired color change.