Tips for Buying A Blow Dryer for Natural Hair

45676i6546Most ladies have had an issue frying their hair with a blow dryer. It all came with a serious challenge of shortening the hair to the disappointment of many. Poor heating tools caused thinning and breaking of hair.

Curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons are some of the commonly used heat tools that can easily damage your tresses. Natural hair is known to be highly affected by the heat. This should not be the case anymore. With modern hair heating appliances, you can be sure of quality treatment for your natural hair.

Blow dryer for natural hair buying tips

i) More settings for heat control

Always be in control of the heat settings when using any hair heating tool. Preferably, a good blow dryer for natural hair should have the warm/hot, High/Low, and cool settings. The more the control you have with your heating tool, the better the performance. It is worth noting that the tool should have low/medium. Cool and high settings at the very least.

ii) Choose the right heating technology

When shopping for a blow dryer for natural hair, it is important that you look for one that can allow for quality, even heating. Ceramic parts in a dryer are considered to be more efficient as compared to those with plastic or metallic parts. For ceramic blow dryers, the copper coils are instead made of ceramic. For naturally smooth, moist and less frizzy hair results, using a dryer with ionic heating technology is advisable.

iii) Choose high wattage for your blow dryer

It is true that using high heat is not healthy for your hair. On the flip side, high wattage can induce fast drying of the hair. This means less time exposure for your hair to heat. These are great if you have curly hair due to the fact that the hair is exposed for less time. A minimum of 1300 watts with some quality dryers using up to 1800 watts.45678iu4

iv) Think about the attachments of your blow dryer

These attachments come in handy during hair styling. When shopping for a blow dryer for your natural hair, always think about the many attachments out there. Buy one that can work in compatibility with as many attachments. The diffuser is one of the most important blows dryer attachments. It allows for distributed flow of heat thus the minimal direct flow of heat. For quality styling of your natural hair, ensure that your blow dryer can work with many attachments.